Moving On and Getting Over

You thought this was going to be about a boy didn’t you? It’s not. If I’m going to spill anything it’s going to be coffee not tea so let’s see what bold and rich goodness I have brewed for you today. Or should I say tonight? A cup of coffee too late in the afternoon is the whole reason I am up writing at 11:30 PM anyway.

Moving on…

I have a lot of that coming my way in the next few weeks. Quite literally. I don’t know how life handed me the cards of moving to a new apartment and a new job in new parts of the city all at once but here we are. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful! But still I grieve.

I am moving on from a job that has taught me essential things in my career. I am moving on from lives I got to witness healing in. I am moving on from co-workers who feel like family. I am moving on from roommates who did become family! (We have commemorative tattoos so we’re committed here).  I am moving past the fear that what is next won’t be better than what is now.  My list could go on.

Moving on…

…And yet I am trying not to move at all so I can really take it all in before it’s gone. Even the hard things like the process of saying goodbye to my clients or how my room is suddenly becoming staler as hangings come down off the walls and boxes pile up.  All in the effort to not to let what’s next blur the finale.

Moving on…

…From a year of tough times (my grandmother being sick and my mom being diagnosed with cancer to name a few). It is strange to be reveling in GOOD. It feels like a long time since I have had good news to share. A long time since it has felt like that IF anyone had something to comment about my life it’s because they were happy for me and not because they could feel bad about my circumstances.  And maybe that last sentence reflects my insecurity but I got tired of feeling like I was constantly “losing”.  For far too long happiness felt distant and unattainable. I think I have been faithful in my season of sad. I leaned in to my faith. I was patient. I waited. Time passed.


…This streak.  I am ready for my season of FLOURISH!

What are you moving on and getting over to? What losses are results of this change? What are you gaining? What helped you get to this place? What credit can you give to others? What credit can you give to yourself?

P.S. Thank you John Mayer for the title inspiration

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