Once upon a time

Dear reader,

Have you ever thought about what makes a story?


Story: An account of past events in someone’s life or in the evolution of something. A situation viewed in terms of the information known about it or its similarity to another.


Have you ever wondered about the stories you don’t know?

Some stories are silenced from the outside. Caused by oppression, discrimination, omission.

Some stories are silenced from the inside. Caused by shame, fear, doubt, embarrassment.

Because of this we miss out on powerful accounts that have the opportunity to communicate belonging.


Y(OUR)SELF was created to give voice to the common experiences that go unheard because either society or our minds tells us we shouldn’t talk about that or we shouldn’t talk about it  like that.


You are not alone in your experiences.

You are not alone in your thoughts.

Good or bad.

Happy or sad.

Speak for yourself.

Speak for others.

Speak to be heard.

Speak so others can feel understood.

Speak to create more room for speaking.


Y(OUR)SELF will begin to feature stories from seemingly ordinary people I admire with seemingly ordinary things to say that can have extraordinary impact. My hope is that it will stir others to speak with courage about all things. Normal things, taboo things, hard things.


With love,


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